To have an experience is to allow yourself to leave all judgments and inner thoughts at your own door. To watch, hear and feel what is beyond the person in front of you.


I dedicate my life to this freedom, my own and the one of everyone being their true selves.

Piano is my language. Where I feel free and where I can exercise rebellion.

I use the stage to engage the audience in the stories of composers, in my own story and the one that we create each day together.


There is no gap between me an you.


There is only the music and the words in between that create a moment in time.

CLOSER CONCERTS reinvent the classical concert by opening the space and
creating a genuine atmosphere.


I feel that Art is made for having an experience of life; and in some moments we may feel something new. And that is the most precious thing art does to you.

It moves you.

COMM’UNITY is a safe social space for all people. Surrounded by art.

Between the stories of life of our storytellers, music silences and gives meaning to parts in you that you rarely feel.


These moments make us identify and understand ourselves better.

We know that when we relate to another human being, our own story has more meaning.


We are all legitimate in the world because we exist.


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